Graphics Installer’s Guide to Vehicle Fleet Rebranding: Revamping Corporate Identity

A company’s fleet of vehicles serves as a moving advertisement, representing the brand wherever it goes. Vehicle fleet rebranding is a powerful tool to revamp a corporate identity, creating a cohesive and eye-catching visual presence on the road. As a leading graphics installation company, GRAPHICS INSTALLATION specializes in executing successful vehicle fleet rebranding projects for corporate clients. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how we transform corporate fleets into mobile brand ambassadors.

Step 1: Brand Discovery and Planning

Every successful rebranding project begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s brand and objectives. Our team collaborates with the corporate client to gather essential information about their brand identity, target audience, and overall marketing goals. We also conduct an assessment of the existing fleet, taking note of vehicle types, sizes, and conditions.

Step 2: Design and Conceptualization

Once we have a clear understanding of the client’s brand, our talented team of designers gets to work. We conceptualize visually appealing and impactful designs that align with the client’s branding guidelines. The goal is to create a design that not only reflects the brand’s identity but also stands out on the road, ensuring maximum visibility and recognition.

Step 3: Material Selection

Choosing the right materials is crucial for the durability and longevity of the vehicle graphics. We carefully select high-quality materials that are weather-resistant and can withstand exposure to UV rays, dirt, and other environmental factors. Our extensive experience allows us to recommend the best materials for each specific vehicle type.

Step 4: Preparing the Vehicles

Before the installation process begins, our team thoroughly cleans and prepares each vehicle’s surface. This step is critical to ensure that the graphics adhere securely and smoothly to the vehicle’s contours. Any existing graphics or adhesive residues are removed to create a clean canvas for the new branding.

Step 5: Precision Installation

Our highly skilled graphics installers take over at this stage, meticulously applying the vehicle graphics according to the approved designs. Precision is key to achieving a seamless and professional finish. Each graphic element is aligned with care, taking into consideration the vehicle’s curves, edges, and features.

Step 6: Quality Assurance

Once the installation is complete, we conduct a thorough quality assurance check. We inspect each vehicle to ensure that the graphics are flawlessly applied and that there are no air bubbles, wrinkles, or imperfections. Our commitment to excellence means that we do not consider the project complete until we achieve perfection.

Step 7: Post-Installation Support

Our relationship with the client does not end with the completion of the project. We provide post-installation support, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. We also offer maintenance tips to help clients preserve the quality and longevity of their vehicle fleet graphics.


Vehicle fleet rebranding is a powerful way for corporate clients to revamp their identity and create a lasting impression on the public. At GRAPHICS INSTALLATION, we take pride in executing successful vehicle fleet rebranding projects from start to finish. By understanding the client’s brand, conceptualizing impactful designs, using high-quality materials, and executing precise installations, we transform corporate fleets into mobile brand ambassadors that leave a lasting impression on the road. If your corporate fleet is ready for a fresh new look, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at GRAPHICS INSTALLATION for a seamless and visually stunning vehicle fleet rebranding experience.

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